What Are Tilt Trailers?

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Our team at K4 Trailer, RV & Truck Accessories has been supplying trailers to our clients since 1998, so we know that not all trailers are the same. In fact, all our team members know that there are a wide variety of trailer types designed to suit different applications. For example, there are flat bed trailers for hauling construction materials, enclosed trailers to transport valuable equipment, and livestock trailers to move animals, to name just a few.

What Are Tilt Trailers?
In this article, we will focus on tilt trailers, explaining what they are and how they are typically used.
  • What are tilt trailers? As the name suggests, tilt trailers are designed to tilt up and down rather than remaining fixed parallel to the road. The bed of a tilt trailer can lower its rear edge to touch the ground, which makes loading and unloading equipment much easier. Tilt trailers are not to be confused with dump trailers, which have walls, and which lift the whole trailer bed much higher like that of a dump truck to let its load slide right out.
  • How are tilt trailers used? Tilt trailers are primarily used to transport equipment, such as bulldozers, forklifts, and the like. Tilt trailers are ideal for hauling heavy machines because the trailer bed can descend to become a ramp, and the machine in question can be driven directly onto the trailer’s surface. Then, all you need to do is raise the trailer bed and secure the machine before you get back on the road once more.