K4 Finance Department

Here at K4 Trailer Sales, we offer a range of financing options to suit all potential sales situation. Sheffield is a great retail financing partner, and will finance almost any trailer that we sell. MAZO Capital Solutions specializes in small business financing, so if you are looking to expand your fleet, we will have you covered with MAZO. Lastly, C3 Rent to Own is a great no-credit check way to get a new trailer behind your truck.We’re ready to hook you up!

Key Features:

Sheffield Eligible:

Key Features:

Mazo Eligible:

Key Features:

C3 Eligible:

Premium financing for high-quality and top-tier inventory over $20,000, with payment terms from 5-18 years.

If you have any questions about financing give us a call at (785)493-8000 or fill out our contact form below: