3 Essential Trailer Accessories

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3 Essential Trailer Accessories

Our team at K4 Trailer, RV & Truck Accessories wants to help you get the best performance possible from your trailer, which is why we’re proud to supply a wide range of high-quality trailer accessories. We have been supplying trailers and accessories since 1998, so you can count on us to recommend the ideal accessories to suit your needs.


In this article, we will go over the top three trailer accessories we recommend for all trailer owners.


  • Trailer Jack – Our first recommendation for trailer accessories is trailer jacks. Trailers can get flat tires just like cars can, so you will need a jack on hand to lift the trailer so you can change out the flat. A standard car jack might not be strong enough to bear the weight of your trailer, especially when the trailer is loaded, so we recommend investing in a specialty trailer jack.
  • Wheel Chocks – Wheel chocks are trailer accessories that are designed to go behind and under your trailer tires when the trailer is parked to make sure it doesn’t roll away. If you want to have extra security and peace of mind that your trailer will not move when it’s not supposed to, we recommend using wheel chocks.
  • Storage Racks – If you use your trailer to transport tools or equipment, we recommend investing in equipment racks. These trailer accessories make it easy to keep your tools organized within the trailer, and they make sure the equipment stays in place during transit instead of rolling around.